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Blankos Block Party receives $16M funding

Blockchain game from ex-Activision Blizzard vets announced

Guys, any idea what these are? Strangely drawn characters committing mass suicide to symbolize cryptocurrencies during recent days? Well, not exactly. It’s the official teaser trailer for the newest Mythical blockchain game, Blankos Block Party. It was created by Mythical, a game studio where Activision Blizzard gurus meet blockchain tech to create something really special (like the video above).

The studio has just landed $16M in funding from a blockchain firm, and the game was revealed at the Gamer Choice Awards on CBS (it’s a TV channel, guys; mass adoption has never been closer). What do you think of their video now? Need some time to rethink that? Ok, once you’ve realized this is the greatest breakthrough in blockchain gaming and that the trailer is fantastic and full of hidden gems, you can continue reading.

No one knows much about the gameplay (maybe they’ll reveal something on BBC next week?), but one thing’s for sure: the “Block” part of the name doesn’t stand for Blockchain, as you may think. Block Party is when a drunken crowd fills the streets, the music rocks on, and terrified cops close an entire city block to vehicular traffic. The game is a multiplayer on EOS, and Blankos – vinyl toys wearing fancy costumes – are the main characters. They like to party hard to the beat of the sound, and players will be able to send them on challenges and mini-games to earn points.

We’re coming up, so you better get this party started! Blankos Block Party will be live in 2019, and you still got plenty of time to sign up for their giveaway and get free Blankos.

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