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Gameunculus's Choice #3

Gameunculus's personal top three games of the past few days

Hello again! Caution: for Gameunculus’s third weekly pick, he has chosen to talk about some games that were not featured last week – nor the week before, for that matter. Don’t let it throw you off your game. The newly armed Chibi Fighters, the recently updated Gods Unchained, and Decentraland, which hasn’t exactly come out yet, but you gotta stay ahead, right?

Chibi Fighters

Chibi Fighters saw a surge in users from Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th. Of course, the spike coincides with this week’s news; the Chibis have new weapons. This game is extremely honest about their selling point; they “make you money” and claim that their “top dogs make about ~300 USD a month!”. With PvP matches, 42 different weapons, and their integrated ETH market, these guys waste no time on story or animation, in order to focus entirely on what the busy business player craves: a quick buck.

Brainy data:

  • DAU, 12/11 - 18/11 :

From Monday 12th until Thursday, things moved pretty steady, with 54 users starting the week. The weekend however was a completely different story, starting off friday with 137 users and ending the week on Sunday with 269 users! Apparently weapons are killing it!

  • Volume, 12/11 - 18/11 :

Chibis don’t have the highest of numbers when it comes to volume though, starting Monday 12th with 0.16. The very next day it went up to 0.27. The rest of the week numbers didn’t go higher than 0.18, but accordingly to its user stats, Sunday 18th was also the peak of the week closing at 0,62.

  • Volume per user, 12/11 - 18/11 :

Nov 12th 0,0029

Nov 15th 0,0014

Nov 18th 0,0023

Gods Unchained

The off-chain crypto card game dropped a huge scoop of news on us last week: their Genesis card set is getting its first balance update, there’s an official wiki in the works, and an they’ve updated their Mana system (read about its complex inner workings, curated by a former Hearthstone coder, here). This game is innovating in the crypto games industry, and it’s got the numbers to prove it.

Brainy data:

  • DAU, 12/11 - 18/11 :

157 believers were playing on Monday 12th, leaping to 177 the very next day. A rough weekend, maybe? The number of users rocketed at 322 on Friday 16th, to finally end the week at 260 on Sunday. Not too shabby.

  • Volume, 12/11 - 18/11 :

The Gods Unchained’s volume was at 69,67 on Monday 12th. The week rock-bottomed on the 14th at 33,6. On Friday 16th, however, the Gods were feeling generous and started sharing some giveaways. Incidentally (or not so much) that same day the Gods volume peaked at 111,74.

  • Volume per user, 12/11 - 18/11 :

Nov 12th 0,44

Nov 15th 0,25

Nov 18th 0,4

So, nothing really changed.


Decentraland is one of the oldest and most ambitious projects in the dapp scene. Its recent partnership with OpenSea, the cryptp marketplace, means you’ll be able to buy and sell LAND parcels with MANA. INching one tiny step closer to their plan of (crypto) world domination...

Brainy data:

  • DAU, Monday 12th to Sunday 18th:

Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th both striked 111 users, but then it spiraled down and reached its bottom Saturday 17th with 53 users. Wow! that’s less than half the amount they had at the beginning of last week. Anyway, Sunday closed the week at 61. Same difference.

We can’t really get into volume since the game hasn’t exactly gone live yet. Maybe its numbers will go up once there’s something in it for users.

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