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Hash Rush receives bear-themed event

Deadly mutated crystal bears – no cuties on a chain here!

Hash Rush delves deep into its lore to bring us a bear invasion in the land of the Ernack race. Sadly, these bears are not the teddy nor panda variant; they are giant bears that have been corrupted by powerful crystals. Welcome to The Great Ursara hunt (cue cinematic trailer BRAAM).

If you were hoping for a cute event then you will be sorely dissappointed. In The Great Ursara Hunt, you have to: hunt Ursaras. What’s an Ursara, you ask? Well, they’re the crazy half-crystalized bears! Their name even comes from the Latin word Ursus, which is translated to Bear. Do you even Latin, bro?

In case you’re wondering what Hash Rush even is, Gameunculus will fill you in. Hash Rush is a strategy game where you build and strenghten your base to be defended against strong foes. You mine Crypto Crystals, and then trade with other players for rewards such as in-game items and even Ethereum. Easy enough, right?

Well, not quite. The foes that caused this event are the feared Ursara. After the Crystal Storm wreaked havok in the Hermeian galaxy, regular bears roamed the land. However, the storm forced them to retreat underground, where they became infected and corrupted by the powerful crystals. All that mining for that sweet Crypto Crystals has freed the bears, and now they are thirsty for Enack blood. You still wanna pet this… thing?

Hey! I’ll pet whoever I want to. Mind your own business.

During the event, players will be able to explore their planet in search for the scary Ursaras. The more Ursaras you kill, the better rewards you reap.

  • 7 Ursara: Red Skin
  • 14 Ursara: White Skin
  • 28 Ursara: Bear Ears
  • 55 Ursara: Red/White Skin
  • 80 Ursara: Bear/Antler Face
  • 100 Ursara: Bearslayer Sword and Shield

This event is also an opportunity to offer more rewards. For one, the bounty challenges are making their return from their previous event (which you can learn about here—don’t say that Gameunculus doesn’t have all your crypto needs covered), with a chance at earning duplicate skins that will eventually become tradeable assets.

Additionally, the folks at VZ Games are hosting a social media challenge, whose winners will earn a beautiful Ursara statue. Be good boys and girls and follow them on twitter; that’s where the challenge instructions will be posted.

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