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Darkwinds will blow you away!

Come and check this new Ethereumverse game

Darkwinds is the newest collectible card trading game born under the wing of MEGO games, the Chilean blockchain games development studio.

“Darkwinds draws inspiration from the myths and realities that pirates faced on their journeys” according to the game’s official website, so we’re bound to see some fantastic shit – deities, giants, and some pretty cool powers – represented in the deck.

You must be wondering about the name … is Darkwinds meant to be social commentary on air pollution? A reference to sharting perhaps? (Not to be confuse with its crypto-world homonym, sharding). No worries, Gameunculus took two English Lit classes at his community college, he’ll explain: you fight other pirates at sea, each and every one trying to become the most feared pirate in the world and conquer the kingdom. And all that sailing draws the main force of the game: WINDS. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Anyways. When you buy a collectible, you’ll receive one of Darkwinds’ 100 cards at random. The first half of their deck has common cards; they get dished out more frequently to buyers. The second half of the deck is more rare, its cards being quite more powerful and helpful in your quest to rule the kingdom!

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