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World of Ether launching on mainnet Nov 23rd

Battles are still in beta though. But hey, there's prizes and swag!

World of Ether – a collectable dueling game described earlier this year as the game that would "save ethereum" – is finally launching on the mainnet. WARNING: battles will actually still be in beta, so you won't be gaining any XP through them for a while. This some bullshit.

If you're interested in WoE, getting eggs now is a good idea; after launch, their price will rise by 15%. Not only that, but pre-sale eggs are better quality: they're more likely to be uncommon, rare, or legendary, they start with one less breeding cooldown, and they come with 1 random crystal. 2,145 of these free-range hippie presale eggs have already been sold.

WoE will be giving away ETH and eggs to the winners of battles during the battle beta. Plus, there's swag in it for ya, if you're invested in this unborn game so bad you wanna wear it on your shirt. You can enter the contest until November 18, 2018 10:00 AM EST.

  • First player to win 100 battles, or the most wins at the end of battle beta, wins 4 ETH.
  • Players who complete at least 20 battles during battle beta will be eligible for an egg.

  • 3rd Prize: The White Matchstick Shirt
  • 2nd Prize: The Doefan Shirt + Death Skully
  • 1st Prize: The Blk Hoodie + WoE Bookbag

What was all that about "saving Ethereum"?

Back in September, WoE programmer Bryan Okeke was quoted as saying that the game would become the prime example of an ideal use case for Ethereum. You can also watch their founder explaining why he's so great, here.

Gameunculus himself isn't so sure about WoE being the saver of Ethereum and all that, but one thing he really appreciates so far is that this game has really been designed with care – it feels like an experience. The design is tasteful(check a video review here), and they even have their original soundtrack, composed by video game music guy Dan Farley up on Spotify! Damn, this some classy shit.

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