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Weapons are coming to Chibi Fighters

They’re (almost) here!

Starting tomorrow, no more barehanded fighting. Yeah, that’s right, Friday the 16th is the date chosen for the release of the new Chibi warrior weapons. You’ll be able to equip your Chibi warrior with one of “34 pristine weapons that can come in common, rare and mythic editions”. Pretty cool, huh? All you gotta do is claim them! Exclusive legendary weapons – 14 to be exact – will come out for sale, and it’s hard to decide which of them is more unique. At least, that’s what the guys in Chibi’s creative team are saying. Better be quick though, since these babies will only be available during the release window.

10 more exclusive legendary weapons can be claimed too, but only by founders. Don’t worry Gameunculus, some Chibi will be silly enough to sell theirs soon. There are also 7 ultra rare ones, but they’re just for bosses, so don’t even think about getting one of those.

These weapons will show on The Hunt as well, and guess what? PVP matches will soon be added to the game, and since that will replace the “rock, paper, scissors” type battles, this game looks like it’s ready to blow our minds.

Remember, you can still summon an Axie to join your Chibi warrior during battle, even if those little suckers don’t help at all, pretty much like you at home.

Ok, we won’t keep you any longer. Go camp at the Chibi Fighters site and wait for you new precious.

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