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Ether Kingdoms and Gods Unchained giveaways

20,000 IMPs tokens are waiting for you, and so are 300 rare cards packs

Do you like the smell of giveaways in the morning as much as Gameunculus does? Well, then it's your lucky day 'cause two major crypto games announced their own today. So hop on our crazy news helicopter, fasten your seatbelts and turn on some Wagner music - we're ready to shoot some juicy details.

A week ago Ether Kingdoms, a mining simulation game, listed their IMP token on DDEX exchange. Don't worry, Gameunculus promised free stuff, and free stuff you shall get. Just follow this simple instructions, and you may end up being one of 50 lucky winners splitting the 20,000 $IMP jackpot. So, that's like 400 tokens for you and only you!

As for Gods Unchained, they’ve already sold over 1.5 million cards! When did everyone become a believer? Today they are presenting their official game trailer and in the next week or two they'll be announcing closed beta. So, to celebrate this important milestone, Gods Unchained is giving away 300 rare cards packs. Just retweet their posts or tag @GodsUnchained on Twitter, and hope the gods are with you, cause there are already hundreds of retweets, and still 22 hours left to participate.

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