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OMG! Lil Bub is going digital!!

Celebrity cat Lil Bub joins Kitties to help pets with special needs!

Lil Bub, a YouTube sensation cat with multiple genetic mutations, is everybody's favorite celebrity pet. And she's teaming up with CryptoKitties to keep the streets free of strays. Well, that came out wrong. They’re not gonna like...kill the strays.

Lil Bub Special Edition Kitties were developed to get people’s attention when it comes to responsible possession: "breeding kittens leads to abandoned pets.” they remind us. “Get your pets spayed and neutered, and then use CryptoKitties to play with and breed digital Kitties instead!”

In short, these cuties have come to life for a great cause; to help reduce the number of stray cats and stray animals in general that currently live in the streets.

So, digital kittens that feel just like the real thing? Mmm...You’ll have to see for yourselves. But even in case this strategy doesn’t work, 90% of all the proceeds will go to charity with the purpose of creating awareness and helping special needs pets. Another great thing about buying a Lil BUB Special Edition Kitty, besides helping the less fortunate kittens of course, is that you can win an Exclusive Lil BUB!! You’ll need a CryptoKitties account to buy any of these collector items and every single person who bought a Lil BUB by November 22nd will be entering a draw to become the lucky winner of an adorable Exclusive cat!

Just so you know, some Exclusive Cats have sold for as much as $140,000! Yes, you read that right, $140,000. You know who will be getting their own ASAP, right? Hint: his name is the website’s...

Oh, and don’t try to be a smartass, buying multiple cats won’t increase your chances of winning. Sorry Gameunculus!

Save the kittens here!

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