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Dragonereum: airdrop and serious claims

This Ethereum based game claims to be free and 100% decentralized???

Dragonereum, a new Ethereum based game, has plans to launch on the mainnet by November 28th (approximately). The team recently announced that it will be free-to-play (of sorts), and it will be "the first truly decentralized blockchain game" – and if you're wondering, "aren't all blockchain games decentralized?", you really need to go read our mythbusting blogpost about that.

Of course, it won't be completely free for you to play this game; as they explain in their Medium post, the cost of network fees is unavoidable. So, to revolutionize blockchain gaming, the team decided to attack game costs instead. More specifically, to obliterate them entirely.

On the one hand, this means they're having an airdrop: during the Genesis egg distribution, you'll get a genesis dragon for free. But it's more than that. The team insists in their Medium post that their model is more free than the traditional free-to-play model, since they won't even be charging "for donations and bumps (...) there will be no commission charged in (their) marketplace or fees for upgrading or leveling up dragons."

And besides that, they're claiming they will be fully decentralized??

Well ... like we said in the aforementioned mythbusting blogpost, you gotta read the fine print before you take anything at face value. The Dragonereum whitepaper (which Gameunculus is pleasantly surprised to report, is in fact a real, serious whitepaper) states that while a "100% autonomous and decentralized (game, with) no party (to) control any element of the game or its delivery mechanisms once it is launched" would be awesome, they have a more "realistic" goal: "to create a decentralized game built on the Ethereum network which will have minimal ties to our servers at launch and gradually move to decentralized solutions (storage, naming services and indexing) once the game is released" (See page 45 of their whitepaper).

Notice that "minimal ties to our servers" isn't the same as "zero ties to our servers". Well, they're at least moving in the right direction? Let's keep an eye out and see!

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