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My Crypto Heroes: Quest mode explained

The team revealed some details about the new game mode

Gameunculus told you about My Crypto Heroes joining the EMONT Alliance, starting pre-sale and airdrop, and even giving away Jack the Ripper, but we’ve never talked about their gameplay in detail. Everything has been shrouded in mystery, and the devs were just smiling and bowing (they’re from Japan, you know). And now, attention everybody, it’s time to finally learn something definite about the gameplay!

There will be both PvP and PvE battles. A good decision: if you don’t want to hurt real players’ feelings, you can just take out your nerves on soulless bots. If you’re a “wouldn’t hurt a fly” kind of guy, then My Crypto Heroes is not the game for you, better find a milder collectible. PvP battle details will be disclosed later, but for right now we’re going to examine PvE more closely. Players will be able to send their characters into Quests. Many blockchain games such as Etheremon and Blockchain Cuties Adventures have similar features, and the only unusual thing is the name that My Crypto Heroes gave to the places where players complete quests: Nodes. These nodes have nothing to do with computer science; they’re basically just game dungeons.

You’ll need a team of three in order to send them on adventures (oops! we meant nodes of course). Heroes’ stamina is needed to start a quest, and if they haven’t got any, you’ll either have to wait for it to restore or buy it at the store. Easy to remember: store or restore!

The node has three levels, and the last one is controlled by a powerful boss. Well, not that powerful really. These frail creatures are so pathetic that the real challenge is to finally kill them and then be able to hold back the tears!

What about the rewards you get for all this struggling and suffering? Well, you’ll always get some crypto energy to level your heroes up, as well as for some extensions. Just like “nodes”, this word defines a simple thing – equipment for your heroes.

What do you think of nodes and extensions, guys? Share your valuable opinion on our Telegram chat and we’ll be sharing the latest crypto games news with you. Cause that’s what Gameunculus was born to do! And to follow his most basic instincts, of course.

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