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Gods have spoken: updates on Genesis and Mana System

Deliver unto us that sweet sweet Mana!

Good tidings, playerbase of Gods Unchained! Our favorite demigod team of developers, Fuel Games, has brought important updates to the game, and things are looking preeetty epic.

The first important update is with regards to their Mana system. As you, dear player, may know, any respectable competitive trading card game must have a complex Mana system. If you were worried Gods Unchained would end up having a mediocre or broken Mana system, you can now relax. The Lead Balance Designer of Gods Unchained is none other than ADWCTA, a popular Hearthstone Arena streamer that crafted the algorithms behind HearthStone’s most popular drafter and most accurate tier list. Fuel Games works with no John nor Jane Does.

While it is apparent that Gods Unchained draws a lot of inspiration from both Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, it’s also quite impressive the way it builds upon them in the innovative Mana Lock system. Though very highly regarded, MTG’s Mana system could be described as frustrating at times, and HearthStone’s system can be at times too long and too reliant on repetitive rock-paper-scissors dynamics. The Mana Lock system of Gods Unchained seeks to build upon these imperfections, delivering a more engaging and strategic experience. If you are in it for the game itself, you can (and will) go nuts. The Mana Lock system makes you unlock one mana lock at the start of each turn, which are used to unlock mana gems, which in turn have an increasing number of locks. You’ll start out really fast, unlocking gems each turn. However, after the fifth turn it will take longer to unlock additionals gems. This makes the game start in high gear so getting bored is pretty much impossible.

GameUnculus thinks that we could rain down on your behinds for hours talking about the Mana system in more detail, but we think that just providing a link with all the details is a way better option.

Along with that, another exciting news is that the Genesis set is now receiving its first balance update. As you may know, every trading card game will have balancing issues because certain cards (or combinations thereof) become way too powerful, which eventually suck the fun out of the game. The balancing process allows these overpowered cards to take a chill pill and other random card to maybe kick it up a notch and gain new abilities, making the whole experience fresher, more fair and entertaining.

And that’s not all. The folks at Fuel Games said that there’s a new Wiki on the works, powered by Gamepedia. There’s not much on it right now, but Fuel Games is gladly accepting contributions. They even promised to reward some of the best quality contributions, so you should really look into that if you liked this game. Check their wiki once we’re done here.

Oh, and before we say goodbye, GameUnculus thinks that there’s one last tidbit you oughta know. The very next update you’ll get from the devs is going to be the Gods Unchained gameplay trailer. In the next few days. That do anything for ya?

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