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Decentraland and OpenSea partnered

You can now buy and sell crypto collectibles with Decentraland’s MANA token

One of the most popular crypto collectible marketplaces, OpenSea, announced partnership with Decentraland, the ecosystem for those willing to live, entertain and trade goods in virtual reality. Now it’s possible to buy and sell LAND, or rather land of Decentraland, divided into parcels, for MANA tokens (these guys are good at naming, huh? Let the mana flow!) on OpenSea. The bundle sales option is also available - in case you’d love to get rid of all your LAND parcels simultaneously. This is great news for those who are still on crypto collectibles! It’s like being on drugs, but when the next withdrawal follows the previous one without any trips.

They say that a friend of my friend is a friend of mine, so what about partnerships? Seems like there’s no difference, because Chainbreakers, a new rpg that is partnered with Decentraland, will also get support from OpenSea. Their pre-sale items can be already bought for MANA, check them here. Even if you spent all your salary on AliExpress 11.11 Sale and do not plan to buy anything for ages, take a look: the weapon designs are cool.

OpenSea developers, despite considering ETH a crypto lingua franca, are planning to expand the list of supported ERC-20 tokens soon. Wondering what lingua franca is? Just google it and impress your friends, if you have any! So, Decentraland’s MANA might be the first, but certainly not the last of the supported coins on OpenSea. It’s also all settled with Maker’s DAI stablecoin, but you can vote for your favourite token (btw, do you have any, our discriminating friend?) on OpenSea Discord and it may be added soon.

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