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Cuties’ Halloween Event II: the spookening

There is no rest for the wicked, as the Cuties prepare for the second phase of their Halloween event after a successful first two weeks.

Remember when exactly one month ago we reported on the new and exciting Boss Raids that were being introduced to Blockchain Cuties? (If your memory doesn’t serve you right or if you are not as big of a Gameunculus fan as you tell your friends and family, read this). Well, if you’re still missing out on this new super exciting game mode… stop missing out! Gameunculus is here to bring you the exciting news and stop you from doing anything else that doesn’t involve slaying terrifying monsters with the adorable and ever-loving Crypto Cuties.

Halloween came and went, but the fellas at Blockchain Cuties took it as an opportunity to pit their entire player base against nightmarish creatures for exclusive spooky rewards for your Cuties. That was the first stage of the event (you can see how that all went down here), but now it’s time for Round 2, baby! The second stage of the event promises to be bigger, badder and better. Starting the 13th of November, there will be two weeks during which all of the Cuties can go to a haunted forest and try to survive. The surviving Cuties will then earn a shot at The Undead Dragon, the most terrifying raid boss yet.

Hey, he still looks kinda cute! Can we keep him, Mom?

Of course, the best thing about this event is the exclusive rewards that you can earn by taking part in these challenges. Halloween-themed crafting materials and items have already been distributed in the first half of the event, so now it’s time to see if they saved the best for last, dialing up the spook to 11. All of this spooky and creepy talk makes Gameunculus think that you must be scared… scared that this event can't possibly be as good as it sounds!

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