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Chibi Fighters’ newest feature: Axies?

A new attribute that doesn’t help you level up! Wait...what?

Last Tuesday, Chibi Fighters launched a new feature on the game in which you can summon an Axie for your Chibi fighter and do, well, nothing. This new “power”, emphasis on the quotation marks, apparently only adds cosmetic value to your player. Whatever that means.

All Axie owners, from the Axie Infinity blockchain game, can summon their Axies to be their fighters’ pets and sit pretty, because what else do you need during a fight, right?

If you don’t own a pet, the game will generate one for you. Probably one of the ugly ones, but free is free. It is important to mention that Axies can only be summoned when playing in hunt mode. What better way to distract those orks than with cuteness overload?

To add to this news, Chibi Fighters announced last Sunday that everyone will be receiving a Free Chibi to start learning the blockchain game! And who loves free stuff more than us? Everyone.

Unless this new attribute is telling us all something about a future collab, Gameunculus is not quite sure how to feel about it, but at least he can be clueless in company.

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