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War of Crypto announced the first ever multiverse hero

Goard is the first hero available in both War of Crypto and Minecraft PokéFind

Listen up, everybody: today’s the day! A crystal giant Goard, which can be obtained during the War of Crypto pre-sale starting November, 10, is making the history of gaming. Stop being a slave of one game, the future is with games multiverse!

We just wanted to tell you, guys, that an overstuffed musclehead called Goard is the first officially recognized games multiuniverse traveler. And unlike the galaxy hitchhiker, he’s not taking his towel with him. Maybe cause you’re the one who’ll need a towel if you meet by chance. To throw it in before you die.

Goard was crafted from the side of a cliff and he looks really cliffy. Tomorrow you’ll be able to buy him in an exclusive early access skin (it’s red). As for us, we prefer normal skin - he’s practically the same colour as Gameunculus and even as athletic as he is. If you decide to buy him, he’ll be available in both War of Crypto and PokéFind of Minecraft universe - time to finally indulge your split personality disorder.

Why all the fuss? What’s the fun in having the same character in many games? Well, it’s the historic event! The breakthrough! The revolution in gaming! Oh, the air today seems too melodramatic. If you, guys, know the reasons why multiverse heroes are cool - share your ideas on our Telegram chat, ok?

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