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Win Stitches in CryptoKitties playing Kotowars

Get a chance to win a special Halloween CryptoKitty in their Kotowars contest!

The last bastion has fallen — even CryptoKitties are struggling now in this wicked, cruel world of blockchain. Haven’t noticed any changes in CryptoKitties gameplay? Well, you’re scratching at the wrong door. Today Gameunculus is introducing a new game, Kotowars, where you can fight horrifying Stitches with your Kitty army. Don’t have a single Kitty? No prob! Here's how it all goes down.

Kotowars is a semi-blockchain cryptocollectible card game from KittyVerse (omg, a universe of CryptoKitties!) created for really tough kitty fights. The game is still in development, but they have already made their first downloadable demo, where players are trying to protect KittyVerse from dreadful Stitches. Stitches, who is, actually, a CryptoKitty, but an ugly and a totally dead one, can be beaten by a CryptoKitties squad of 32 furballs.

You don’t have to buy Kitties for that — just choose any you like and add to your troops. Punch Stitches and kick him with your CryptoKitties cards, and don’t forget to make a screenshot of your total score in the end of the battle. Send the screenshot to Kotowars Discord channel and find yourself on the leaderboard. If nobody is as good at hurting Stitches as you are, you’ll get the Stitches collectible in CryptoKitties.

What do you think, guys — why do people keep collecting Kitties? Cause they are nice, and sweet, and funny. The next question then is: who on earth would love to have such a monster in their collection?! Well, just look at the Kotowar’s leaderboard: there are some very special people of that kind.

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