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Create your Cubegon and get a chance to win

Cubego team holding new creative contest: design the most awesome Cubegon and win 0.3 ETH

Guys, remember our article on making money with crypto games? If you haven’t read it yet, please, stop not reading it and start your new life full of champagne tubs, lambos and Vitalik (in your champagne tub). Once you do (stop not reading it), you’ll notice way #3 to earn money in crypto games is winning contests. And here we go with another one, this time by our new friends, the Cubego team.

Cubego, a new game about building creatures from colourful blocks in Minecraft style, was announced last week. Now they are drawing community attention to their pre-sale, which starts on November 24th, and are for this purpose launching a creative contest.

The devs have titled the contest My Awesome Cubegon. My Awesome Cubegon is like My Little Pony with crypto instead of friendship. Crypto is magic – what a fantastic slogan!

To join the event, players must first accomplish some boring stuff like following Cubego’s social pages. More relevantly, they must then create their own awesome Cubegon and show it off. If you’re confident enough about your lego-constructing skills, you should take part! Perhaps you’ll be the lucky devil who wins 0.3 ETH – a prize far better than the one you got for winning that LEGO competition 15 years ago.

If you’ve never seen a LEGO block and prefer to play with dolls (especially life-sized), you still have some time to train. The contest will last till November, 18, and afterwards the team will choose 10 winners.

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