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Axies are coming to Decentraland

Axie Infinity and Decentraland are now partners; find Axies on this virtual reality platform after the launch

Axie Infinity, a digital pet community, as they call themselves, has recently announced partnership with Decentraland. Axies can’t stay in their terrariums (or wherever they live before terrariums are implemented) forever, and soon they will be found in Decentraland’s Genesis City.

Do we need to tell you anything about Axies, guys? We hope not, cause talking about compatible body parts, Trump hairstyle, breeding and battling is not our intention today. If you’re a stranger to crypto games, just check their game description on Gameunculus, and some blog posts too - they’re fantaxiec.

Decentraland is a virtual world on blockchain, and they’ve been building it for so long, that most of you could completely forget what it was about. Even Gameunculus considered the project dead and abandoned. The latest milestone of Decentraland’s roadmap is dated Q4 2017, which was, actually a year ago (just explaining in case you have a chronic time traveller lag). Well, now we know they’re still developing and planning to launch the project in early 2019.

Axie mascots will appear in Genesis City - take a look at the header picture. The blue Axie is called Puff, probably he likes to get high, if you know what we mean. The white fluffy with swords is Kotaro, and he’s a white ass badass - where would we go without racist stereotyping, right? The ginger one is - surprise! - Ginger, and it’s hard to joke about a guy who looks like a kitty shark bred with an orange. Players will be able to find them after solving riddles and deciphering clues. If they succeed, they’ll get some unique rewards like terrarium items. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to have fun if you still have no Axies. You’re denied access to this luxury club - get yourself an Axie first, deadbeat!

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