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WAR FIELD gives away VR and announces taxes

Recovering gracefully from their first stumble, WAR FIELD is now giving us presents! A shiny VR set.

We've been writing a lot about WAR FIELD, and we're about to write some more. This time it's not a passive aggressive interview nor a non apology for said passive aggressive interview; it's just to give you some neutral news.

WAR FIELD is giving away an Occulus Rift VR set! Perhaps to wipe away the bitterness that some of their gamers have gone through during the past weeks, not unlike an ashamed parent who comes back from a month-long trip to by cigarettes with a shiny new toy. Fat chance you'll make me forget dad! I have no father now!!!

The Golder platform's twitter account announced on November 6th that "WAR FIELD is about to take over virtual reality", and that they'll be giving away a brand new Oculus Rift #VR Set to one lucky player. The "competition" (more of a raffle really) started on 7 pm GMT that day, and winners will be announced on November 14th. The rules have been listed on their Telegram as:

1 ticket gets you 1 hour of playtime

Players with more tickets have better odds

Players' ticket count will be updated daily.

There's really not much more info on this, since the official WAR FIELD twitter account seems to have disappeared, and their website's VR giveaway page simple directs you to the phrase "Oculus Rift VR Giveaway" in giant font. It's not even a sentence. Anyway, what more info did you want, just go play!

Gameunculus might even try to win that VR set. God knows he's too cheap to just buy one for himself. His profession is gaming for crying out loud.

Alas, in addition to these happy news, we bring some not so happy ones. Today, November 7th, WAR FIELD has announced that starting from 15:00 GMT, a min withdrawal amount of 500 GLDR has been imposed, plus a 10 GLDR service charge for withdrawals of under 999 GLDR (1000 GLDR and more can be withdrawn free of charge).

So... yeah.

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