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Reality Clash beta coming soon

Try your hand at the first AR shooter on the Ethereum network!

Reality Clash, the first ever augmented reality shooter built on the Ethereum network, is releasing its beta soon. They were actually supposed to release it in October, but were forced to delayed due to some problems with new iOS release. Show us a project that is always on schedule, and Gameunculus will get your name tattooed on his privates.

Silver lining: thanks to the delay, you still have some time to sign up for the beta! Why should you care? It's an AR shooter on blockchain... have you never wanted to shoot people on the streets? We know you have – and Reality Clash is making this nightmare a reality. And once shooting people on the street ceases to entertain your overstimulated mind, you still have the rest of Reality Clash's complex gameplay to moon over. You can check more details on the Reality Clash site.

This game is a perfect excuse to stop being a nerd, go for a walk, and find some real friends (or get mugged in a dark alley). These will be real life (or augmented life) experiences; that’s what AR games are made for! Remember that Pokemon Go rush?

Soon the streets of your city will be flooded with weird guys staring at their smartphones and hiding behind park benches. Some of them will be just stoned, but the others will be playing Reality Clash. Then you just proceed as on any normal day: shoot enemies with your smartphone, and hide behind the real world objects to avoid getting shot. Remember to be alert at all times and stay aware of your surroundings! We borrowed this deep thought from Pokemon Go devs, cause these guys know security.

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