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Get a Chibi Fighter for free but not forever

Fine way to start playing Chibi Fighters without paying anything, even gas prices

One does not simply play Chibi Fighters without a single Chibi Fighter. And it’s difficult to get even a single one, if your Metamask reports: 0 ETH, 0.00 USD, No tokens found. Well, it was difficult, but from now on you are able to get a Chibi for free! What’s the catch? Let’s not be gloomy guses, we’ll think about it later!

Just go to the Chibi Fighters website, unlock your Metamask and claim the free Chibi, easy-peasy. Mmm, he looks like a Chibi, and he can wear armor and fight, and can be sent to adventures, and get some loot - he’s capable of doing any ordinary stuff Chibis usually do. So what’s the catch, again?

The most attentive guys have already noticed the fly (or even the giant hornet) in the ointment. The free Chibi is so free, that he doesn’t belong to you - don’t try to find him in your wallet, there’s still nothing inside.

And he even can’t stay with you forever - wah-wah! Soon he’ll leave you (why does this always happen?) and continue his own free journey. And it’s up to you to decide whether you’re ready to pay this price to learn more about Chibi Fighters gameplay, or you’d better stop before it goes too far.

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