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WAR FIELD is paying out tokens again

After 3.5 weeks of mystery, gamers are getting their tokens

When it comes to this topsy turvy industry of ours, Gameunculus is in the business of telling it like it is. Last week, we interviewed WAR FIELD – a game caught in a small scandal for their delays with token payouts. For three and a half weeks in October, warfielders were unable to withdraw the tokens they’d earned in the airdrop and gameplay. And the whole time, the WAR FIELD team offered little more than “keep calm and play on” as a response, presenting an Etherscan page that showed that all transactions had been made before Oct 9th. Well, we said we would keep you posted on the situation, and here we are. Posting.

We’re happy to say: WAR FIELD has started to pay out tokens again!

(To be perfectly honest, we’re happy for you guys cause you’re getting your tokens… but we’re also disappointed, because we really wanted to run a spicy story about how we uncovered a crypto scam...we were gonna call it Warfield-Gate, it was gonna be really cool).

Last week, Gameunculus put on a little Sherlock Holmes hat, borrowed his grandpa’s pipe, and set out to look for clues through a magnifying glass. He found that the WF team was annoyingly obscure all these weeks, and generally terrible at giving any straight answers or explanations.

Look guys, it’s perfectly normal to have an unexpected problem and experience delays; but it’s the miscommunication around the situation that can sink your company down. People get nervous when they sense their money might be missing, and that’s exactly the moment when the team needs to be unified in their answers, able to give detailed, reassuring and truthful explanations of what the hell is going on.

To give you a more concrete example, on the 30th we asked a member of the WF team for more info, and – no doubt annoyed at GU’s ridiculous tartan outfit and incessant knocking at his door – they told us they were sending out tokens daily. Which was, on the 30th, not the case; there were no transactions at all between the 9th and the 29th, and just one on the 30th. Also..the team had elsewhere said transactions would be sent out in batches every ten days. So… this team member was really not on top of things.

There was also trouble when team members claimed on their Telegram that there was a 1000 token minimum for withdrawals, since this was changed at some point, and not clearly advertised. They had us all wondering what weird lies were going on.As it turns out, at the end if this investigation, we have not managed to prove that any lies were told. Just the delay they said they were having. And now, they’ve mended things and begun to send out tokens once more.

Gameunculus put his Sherlock Holmes outfit away with a sigh. His moment of glory as a scam revealer would never come.

In the end, it seems WF is not so much a scam as it is a regular company. For what it’s worth, WF is one among a few new games that are combining centralized gameplay with a cryptocurrency economy, and Gameunculus agrees this is an interesting direction for the crypto games industry to move in – certainly better than the hot potato games we’re used to.

A lesson to take for the future of the crypto games industry, is not to underestimate good communication, both between teams and gamers, and among team members themselves.

Also, why does WAR FIELD have to be spelled in all caps, like we’re all grandmas online? Number one priority, before giving out any tokens; change the spelling to “War Field”.

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