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Celebrate Enjin’s Birthday with the Main Multiverse Quest

A year ago Enjin was born, and now you can fight for the ultimate prize

Enjin is only 1 year old (congrats!), whereas Gameunculus thought it was always there. Time flies so fast, especially in crypto, where a project can appear, collect your money and vanish tracklessly in 1 month. But it’s not about Enjin for sure, cause even as a baby it was able to disrupt the world of crypto gaming.

And now Enjin invites you to celebrate this occasion. Well, no, they’re not inviting you to a private jet party or a yacht in Monaco (saved this for themselves), it’s only about a virtual celebration. We’d better call it a quest - the Main Multiverse Quest. And if you complete it, you’ll get the Monolith, the first ever ERC-1155 crypto-item  worth 1,155,777 ENJ, which is about 60 grand USD. Hm, enough to buy a yacht. A small one. But not a private jet, of course.

To complete the quest, you should wander around the Enjin games multiverse, look for the answers, collect the clues and do some high intellectual job like that. Which is, actually, too complicated for Friday night. So why don’t you, guys, just read the Enjin blog post and let us celebrate?

Bang! Gameunculus crack opens the vintage bottle of Veuve Clicquot and drinks to Enjin’s health

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