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Crypt-Oink preps for racing with pre-sale

Crypt-Oink hopes you'll buy some prized racing piggies!

Crypt-Oink, the collectible piggies game who's name made a lot more sense in the original Japanese, is having a pre-sale in preparation for the release of a new feature: Crypton racing.

The prospect of racing a bunch of pigs may sound less than appealing to you; but you're probably imagining some bleak animals trudging through mud. Cryptons are kawaii-tastic. Don't take our word for it, check this preview video of the racing. Its epileptically colorful animation is set to a beautiful soundtrack, and I'm not even joking right now (do I hear a theremin in there??). And we kinda feel like "Gran Ton Rismo" is a half-reference to something that we half-remember and is not important enough to research. (Is it possibly a reference to Gran Torino? I mean it sounds like it but – what’s the connection?)

In this pre-sale, which will run from November 6th (UTC 6:00) to November 15th (UTC 6:00), you’ll find limited edition thoroughbred Cryptons for you to take home. We googled "thoroughbred" for you. You're welcome. These will have a unique appearance and special strengths that will give you a boost during races!

Although the Cryptons that you buy in this pre-sale come with some inherent skills, you can also train extra in the Ranch, so that you have a higher chance at winning. Once races are released, up to 6 Cryptons will be able to race against each other at once. What makes Crypton racing more fun than your average crypto game battling, is that the player must be active during it – there will be traps and obstacles in the race track that you must steer your crypton around. So it’s not just about clicking “Race” and checking the result.

And perhaps the most exciting news: with racing, Cryptons will also finally become tradeable on the marketplace. Earn me some sweet sweet greens, Piggy! That’s right; I named my crypton Piggy, so sue me.

In case you don't remember, Crypt-Oink (never Crypto-Oink, please) is Japan's first blockchain based games, and as such, you will show it the respect it deserves. Japan is the native land of video games, after all. Crypt-Oink is the work of the Fukuoka and Tokyo based studios Good Luck 3, Inc. and Ceres, respectively.


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