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Etheremon announces Cubego, a new 3D building blocks game

Build unique Cubegons, develop their skills, and fight. Pre-sale starts November 24th.

During the Japan Meetup, Etheremon announced a new game: Cubego. This one's for the college educated only, let me help you out; Cubego is a play on cubes and LEGO. That's right. First Pokemon, now LEGO. What’s next, Rubik's cube? Furbies? Barbie? Gameunculus wouldn’t mind blockchain Barbies, actually.

Development on this block-building game has already begun, and their site looks handsome. "Cubego" is both the name of the game and of the raw construction material that players use to build Cubegons. The characters are stylized like pixel-art 3D ... what would you call that art style? We lied before, we're not college educated.

Gameunculus has pointed out that Cubego is extremely reminiscent of Minecraft. He soon (too soon, in fact) discarded it as a rip off of the classic cube building game. Don't make the same mistake though. Cubego is actually tapping into one of the best use cases of blockchain, and one that we rarely get to see in blockchain games: you don't just cryptographically own a character (like you do on CryptoKitties, Blockchain Cuties, etc.), you design the character yourself, and you actually own the copyright to your creation. This copyright is cryptographically protected by the blockchain, and it means that you have the right to keep producing variations of your own creation. Now that's something you don't see among the established powerhouses of collectibles!

Though building original characters from scratch is a fun mine in its own right (neat ideas: have a body-part-size contest with your pals! Create a Cubegon to look like your nemesis and partake in some crypto voodoo!), the developers are planning to implement some gameplay as well. Cubegons will train special battle skills and fight each other in Arenas. Ok so this part is not super original. Is a perfect game too much to ask for??

The pre-sale starts on November 24th. Gameunculus can’t wait to build something hot and furry in his own image. Oops, almost forgot to mention: Cubego will be part of the EMONT Alliance. This means it will share the EMONT token with Etheremon and MyCryptoHeroes.

P.S. Guys, this is our 100th blog post! You are all invited to celebrate this very special occasion in our chat. We have some guests over from Canada in the office, they said they brought us an amazing gift from their land, mmmm.

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