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Gameunculus launch — a full collection of crypto games

Hello world! Gameunculus is coming

The blockchain game market is rapidly emerging and new games are created almost daily. GameUnculus is on a mission to build a new crypto gaming community with game reviews, comments, how-to-plays and other stuff.

We’ve collected more than 400 distributed games and are looking for more. Cryptocollectibles, strategy and simulators, arcade and rpg, even lotteries and gambling — all of them are brought together and displayed on GameUnculus. You can easily add your game to our collection by filling out a simple form on the site. alt text Complete information about games including:

  • statistics on transactions
  • graphs
  • balance and volume
  • contracts and social links

Statistics are regularly updated and the games are ranked by daily active users.

Let us know what you think!

Community Management in Blockchain-built Games


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