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For those who dreamed of building competitive fight robots in their garage but didn't have the moxie. Here’s some ERC-721 bot parts you can own!
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What is it?

Etherbots is a blockchain collectibles game with a twist. The ERC-721 tokens you will buy and sell don't represent characters, but parts that you can combine to make characters. The devs' ambition was to create a game that included the power of customization and interactive battle, like a Crypto Kitties where you're buying tails, eyes, furs, and paws, instead of cats. Buy parts of different values and combine them to create bots that will conquer the arena and win you crates with more parts! Thus perpetuating the beautiful cycle of robot life...

How does it work?

As advertised, in Etherbots you'll be buying, winning, selling and upgrading the parts with which you can make millions of unique bots. The mix-and-match aspect is like shopping for tops and bottoms to put an outfit together. For an off-the-rack outfit, hit the Etherbots Starter Pack Page, which will automatically assemble cheap parts for you and display them as bots that you can buy. For a designer ensemble, browse at the Etherbots marketpace, where you can get for more expensive parts. Parts have a type – melee arm, defense arm, turret and body – a rarity – from common, to rare shadow, to the elusive legendary gold – and a level, which you upgrade with battling experience.

But it's not all about shopping. Once you’ve got your bots, visit the arena and choose to either attack or defend. The attacking fee is 0.001 ether, defending fee 0.0005. In the first case, you choose an Etherbot Defender as an opponent, pick 5 moves, and ‘Send Attack’. Like in a battle of snails, your opponent has an hour to reveal their moves, at which time you'll receive a polite notification from the app to go check whether you've been butchered or have just earned XP and a reward crate. If you choose to defend, you'll pick your moves and wait for an Etherbot Attacker to attack you. Your moves will be encrypted, so attackers can't see them beforehand! The crates' value will reflects the difficulty of the battle you just won and how well you did, which is why Etherbots is not just a game of wagers, but of strategy.

When you battle you gain experience on two tracks: your account and the parts you fought with. Both increase your ability to do damage in battle. Your parts will gain value as they accrue experience, and as you gain account experience, you'll also unlock perks that will improve your damage in the related area by 5%for example, if you choose the offensive perk, every attack or turret move you make will be 5% more damaging.

As a final note, let's talk about scarcity. There will only be 3900 crates for sale. Each crate contains a randomly-generated part that’s required to build a robot. After that, it's just marketplace, baby.

TL;DR: Why should I play this?

  • An ERC-721 where you collect parts instead of characters, giving you more control over the value value of what you put together.
  • Buy and sell robot parts, combine them to make strong robots, and go to battle to win crates and gain XP.
  • Pretend you've made it to Robot Wars!


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