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A fisherman's wet dream. This is a collectible game with battle features; erm, with fish.
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What is it?

An Ethereum-based P2P, PvP game where you fish for fish (and for some non-fish critters as well). Each fishy creature is an ERC-721 token. Collect fish with different rarity levels, power, agility, and speed, and grow them to the top of the food chain. When they're strong enough, fight other fish! Get Modifier tokens to help your chances at battle; and get chest tokens to get those modifiers. When your fish is king of the ocean, cash out by selling them at the integrated fishers' market. P.S.: there's no breeding in this one guys – Fishbank keeps it PG-13.

How does it work?

Start by getting a fish*. As usual, make sure to have Metamask installed and topped up first. You can catch a random fish at a fixed price on the Fishbank Aquarium (around 0.03 ETH), or buy one from a trader on the Fishbank Fish Market. If you catch a fish, chances of getting a rare fish are 1:5; Epic 1:50; Legendary 1:5000; and Top Legendary (Whale) 1:1000000. Finally, you can also get a fish by just getting a friend to join the game! Like selling FishyLife Nutrition supplements.

A fish's prices are determined by weight, power, rarity, agility and speed. The last three can never change, but weight, the core parameter, increments as you feed your fish and progress through levels 1, 5 and 20. Feeding your fish ain't as easy as hopping down to the pet store for pellets; your fish must battle another one and take a bite out of its rival to grow! You can use boosters (also called modifiers) to temporarily better your fish's characteristics. Each booster is an independent ERC-721 token, which may be transferred to other players, applied to fish or traded on the market. There's Power Boosters, Agility Boosters, Freezers (protects your fish from attack) and Instant Attack (resets attack cooldown period). All of these act for a limited period of time if used on their own – but Deus Ex Machina, there's an Extra Time booster available which can prolonging the effect of any other modifier!

So you might be wondering how you get these magical boosters. The answer is, in Chests. Chests are themselves also ERC-721 tokens (it's like Russian dolls under the sea). There's Small chests with one modifier, Medium chests with 3 modifiers, and Large chests with 5 modifiers. You'll receive a Small one each time you invite a friend to the game, and you can get Medium and Large Chests can be bought for a fixed amount of Ether. Each chest can be opened just once and is immediately burned after use; they cannot be traded. And they're mysterious; you cannot know beforehand what modifier they contain.

When you put a fish for sale, it will freeze for 7 days; no one can attack it. Notice that if you sell successfully, you'll pay a 4.5% commission! Damn, the Fishbank devs are more like sharks.

*The Association of Aquatic Minorities (AAM) is making us issue a caveat, so let's get this out of the way; it shouldn't be called "Fishbank". There's eels, sharks, crustaceans, jellyfish and whales in there too!

TL;DR: Why should I play this?

  • Buy ERC-721 sea creatures from the aquarium (fixed price) or the marketplace.
  • You can’t breed them; you must grow them through battle victories.
  • Buy ERC-721 Chests, which contain random ERC-721 Boosters that will help your fish in battle! Boosters can be gifted to other players, but not sold.


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