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Tap into that childhood Pokemon nostalgia without ruining your adult crypto rep. Capture Etheremons, train them, evolve them, and hatch more. Battle other players' mons to win XP and EMONT!
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What is it?

A variation on the ol' CryptoKitties formula, and on the even older Pokemon formula... It's not the epitome of originality, but I guess some folks really gotta catch 'em all, and then shoehorn 'em all into every new technology that comes out. In Etheremon, you can buy collectible monsters (mons) for ETH. Train your mons and do battle to win EMONT. As they battle, they'll level up, raising their value on the Etheremon platform and laying eggs with new mons. When the time's right, cash in by selling or renting them directly from the platform! Finally, animal exploitation that you can ethically enjoy.

How does it work?

In playing Etheremon, you're doing two things: increasing the value and number of your collectibles, and mining EMONT, a finite supply ERC-20 token. In the future, EMONT will be the only currency accepted in-game, so getting EMONT now is the only way to ensure you'll be able to keep capturing and strengthening mons later on.

On your first visit, you'll capture three "mons" for free, and you can buy more with ETH or EMONT. There's 17 discovered "types" of mons, which determine their properties. These represent a range of elements: there's natural phenomena – "fire", "iron", "lightning" – there's supernatural phenomena – "phantom", "telepath", "mystic" – and then there's just boring phenomena, like "neutral" and "leaf".

Before they can transform, lay eggs, and become more valuable, your mons must level up. They can only do so by battling. Start by training in the gym, then test their skill on practice mode, and finally sign them up for ranked mode to win some EMONT. Only 20 million EMONT will ever be issued – the earlier you join, the more you can get, so get crackin'!

The mons' genome is even more complex than the Kitties'... long story short, different generations have different value, some can transform into stronger classes, and some can lay eggs that'll give you valuable mon grandkids. It's like a factory farm that makes you money instead of dinner.

Still not impressed? We saved the best for last: Decentraland is actually planning to implement mons in their future decentralized VR platform. We might be battling our mons against each other in a 3D immersive world by the end of the year!

TL;DR: Why should I play this?

  • This ERC-721 collectibles game is like playing Pokemon for a profit.
  • Collect and strengthen your mons with ETH, and win EMONT.
  • EMONT is limited in supply, and it will later become the only in-game currency. If Etheremon seems like a promising project to you, get as much EMONT as you can now!
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