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Build robots, join robot battles, become an ETH billionaire. This popular game includes more than one way to make money!
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What is it?

We've seen many riffs on the "collectible animals" theme: players breed generations of genetically engineered creatures that they force into fights and sell for ETH on the market. Well, vegan programmers have had enough! Cryptobots, by Playneta games, a the cruelty-free ERC-712 with multiple money-making mechanisms. Buy unique collectible robots, make them fight ... and sell them for ETH on the market. Look, until Silicon Valley can prove that AIs have a consciousness, this is the ethical option.

How does it work?

There are 50,000 bots in a smart contract, to be auctioned off the CryptoBots website. Install MetaMask, top up with ETH, and buy at least two bots, so that you can manufacture more. "Manufacturing" in CryptoBots is akin to "breeding" in other crypto collectible games: combine two bots to create a new stronger one, with a unique combination of characteristics (module, power and gen). If your bot has valuable modules, you can actually pimp it out: set a price for other players to use your bot's modules for manufacturing! It is eerily reminiscent of prostitution... wait, we called this the ethical version a while back?

Once you've manufactured a generation of strong bots, you can make them battle. The reward for the victor is a new bot with a unique module, plus some CBTB tokens, which serve as entry tickets to more battles. In CryptoBots especially you should keep in mind the first rule of crypto: invest only what you're willing to lose. Battle fees are steep at 0.03 ETH, and you go up against unknown opponents; you have no idea if they're stronger than you, so you don't know what odds you're facing.

The noble goal behind CryptoBots, as shared in their whitepaper, is to educate a wider audience about blockchain in a fun, simple way. A neat game mechanic they implemented to reach as many people as possible is "items": accessories that make bots stronger in battle. Once you buy an item, you will get a cashback in ETH for every subsequent sale. The more people buy the item after you, the more ETH you make, and same goes for them. Like a big pyramid of tech education. Again – ethical option.

CryptoBots plans to expand their universe in the near future with CryptoBots: Idle. The pre-sale for their CBIT token begins July 19th 2018, so don't miss out!

TL;DR: Why should I play this?

  • It's an ERC-721 collectibles game with extra inbuilt money-making mechanics
  • Make money buy selling your bots, by charging other players to breed with your bots, or by buying items (get a cashback for every person who buys items after you. Yes, we see what shape that is)
  • This game is hugely popular and about to expand. Get into it now and buy the new tokens, CBIT, on presale


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