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Blockchain Cuties

Own and breed unique ERC-721 creatures. Battle other players' cuties to win experience points and items to level up (and appreciate) your pet!
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What is it?

Wouldn't you love an exotic pet that doesn't need a cage, eccentric care or fancy food? Ever heard of blockchain? Boy, have we got a game for you...

Blockchain Cuties is a game that puts domestic, wild, and fantastic animals on the blockchain. Sure, it sounds familiar, but this time it's not just kitties – you'll find puppies, lizards, bears, dragons and more. Breed, battle and trade them. Each one is 100% unique and exclusively yours to keep!

How does it work?

The Cuties are tokenized ERC-721 collectibles on the blockchain. There's a great diversity in species and gene traits, which is fun because you can breed them – even across species. (don't ask). Every offspring will have a unique and unpredictable combination of traits, plus other features like generation, breeding speed, adventuring frequency, animal species, level and available gear.

The offsprings' traits are unpredictable because genetic mutations are possible; just like in nature! Calm down, we're not talking cancer or gross second heads – mutations are just features that weren't present in the parent cuties. One cool example is that two normal cuties may breed a pop-culture inspired cutie. There's already been a Snoop cutie, a Leo cutie, and even a Vitalik cutie. Hmm ... I've often wondered what the offspring of Snoop Dog and Vitalik Buterin would look like...

Your cuties can engage in dice rolling battles against other players' cuties, or against an AI. Winning battles will level up your cutie and win prize items (clothing, elixirs and potions) that will boost them in future battles.

The game also offers a bidding system through which you can win a custom design cutie, inspired by a picture of yourself or somebody else (barring copyright infringement, that is). Hmm ... I've often wondered what mine and Vitalik's offspring would look like...

Cuties become more valuable when they accumulate artifacts, abilities and experience points. You can trade or sell them on the Ethereum blockchain at any point using smart contracts.

TL;DR: Why should I play this?

  • Collect diverse, unique ERC-721 creatures
  • Breed them and battle against others to level them up and raise their value. Then trade/sell on the blockchain!
  • Look out for rare, pop culture inspired cuties
  • Bid to win a custom designed cutie inspired by yourself or a friend!
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