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Ether Quest

A fantasy RPG. Dark magic rituals, bloody combat, and tournament prizes. Aw, but the characters are so cute!
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What is it?

Etherquest is a blockchain-based fantasy RPG in which players collect and train unique ERC-721 warrior characters. Play this game for the long run; it's all about patiently investing in the warrior's careers. The reward for your efforts is potentially two-fold: on the one hand, warriors fetch a higher price at the Marketplace with each dungeon, combat, and Tournament they have under their belt; on the other, the platform awards prizes in Ether to Tournament victors! There's 9 million unique warriors to explore, so if fantasy and chance are your thing, dive in!

How does it work?

The devs have designed Etherquest to be an investor's game above all. Entry price is steep; both buying a new warrior from the Marketplace and fighting in the Arena might require you to sell a kidney or two. But for this high entry you get a chance to win a higher return.

Absolute beginners should install Metamask, top it up, and head to the game's Marketplace. There, you can browse from a selection of freshly crafted warriors and used models sold by players. New warriors are created every 15 minutes and come with a so-called Soul Hunter bonus – an overly ominous name for a feature that reduces the warrior’s cool down time and betters its chances of summoning a rarer warrior later on. Oh – summoning – it's an overly ominous term for mining a new warrior. Akin to "breeding" in other collectible games. There's 5 degrees of rarity; higher the rarity and level of the warriors you use to summon a new warrior, the better the new one will be. Kudos to Etherquest for elegantly sidestepping the awkwardness of the whole "now make your collectibles procreate" element.

There are five warrior types, each with a unique combination of bonuses and primary and secondary stats. Bonuses depend on the warrior's rarity when created. Stats affect the combat outcome.

After acquiring a few warriors at the marketplace or by summoning, you can increase their value by having them fight monsters in dungeons, battle other players in single combat at the Arena, or join Tournaments (after you've reached level 5). For the latter, you'll have to assemble a healthy team of at least 5 warriors. You can win ETH by winning at the Arena, and join a Tournament once a day for a chance to win the prize pool (made up of 80% of the money players have wagered on their warriors in single combats during the day).

Finally, a warrior’s value at cash-out time will be determined by its rating. Rating increases with every won Arena battle. 130 rating points are awarded for winning, 70 are awarded for losing but achieving a new level, and 30 rating points are lost if the warrior is defeated and does not achieve a new level. Ether Quest is full of complexity and can be a lot to handle for inexperienced gamers, but if you've got the money, you might win bigtime.

TL;DR: Why should I play this?

  • EtherQuest is a fantasy RPG where collectible ERC-721 warriors battle.
  • Play for the long haul; entry is steep but payoff is too!
  • Buy and summon warriors, enhance their level with battles, and join a Tournament for a chance to win the day's pool prize!


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