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MLBCrypto Baseball

Play ball! Step into the field and join other players into an exciting and revolutionary baseball experience. At long last, you will be able to play a professional sport and engage in healthy physical activity without ever leaving the comfort of your couch.
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What is it?

You think this is a knock off game loosely based on the world’s most prestigious baseball league? You thought wrong. This IS the big leagues! MLB Crypto Baseball is an officially licensed MLB product that allows you to collect and buy figures of your favorite baseball players. Based on the actual fixtures and results from the MLB, your acquired figures will get more valuable and they will net you rewards in the form of more mini MLB players to expand your collection. MLB Crypto Baseball will boast around 18,000 playable MLB cryptos once the 2018 season starts, which will be all the real-world players with variables such as bat, glove, and stance. You can finally buy that crypto figure of that MLB player you’ve secretly had a crush on all these years. Not too bad, huh? This crypto game is like no other in the sense that it is an officially licensed product of a very popular and recognizable American franchise. It is also being developed by Lucid Sights, the masterminds behind Crypto Space Commander, Cryptic Conjure, and a bunch of other games that you can find on platforms such as PlayStation. Throw in some beer and a corndog and you have the full MLB experience!

How does it work?

MLB Crypto Baseball is unique. You’ll need to buy a crypto figure in the marketplace in order to play, but once you have done that, you will be able to create a game card for the team that your player is in. After creating and locking your brand new game card you will be good to go, and you’ll just have to wait until your team’s next MLB fixture to see if you get any rewards. Creating game cards, updating them and claiming rewards will cost you, although it’s only 1 Finney, the current gas price and 4 Finney respectively, so don’t go thinking that you’ll spend most of your money in those transactions.

Once the game starts in the real world, it’s time to play ball on MLB Crypto Baseball as well! If your team wins, you’ll get a chance at a reward. If you only have one crypto in your game card, your chances at getting a reward from winning the game is a measly 20%, but that chance goes all the way to 100% if you fill a game card up with 9 players of the same team. Each crypto figure has their own Team Events attached to them, which are certain things that could or could not happen in a baseball game. This means that, the more players you have in a game card, the more chances you have of earning additional rewards from the completion of Team Events too. In short, the more stacked and strategically built your game cards are, the more rewards you’ll get.

Whenever an MLB fixture that involves any of your game cards takes place, you’ll be able to see a special screen with a play-by-play report of the game, along with your team events and whether they are fulfilled or not. The idea is to fill a game card up strategically by having a wide range of team events that could potentially happen to maximize your rewards. If you are not a fan of baseball now, chances are that you’ll go buy your very own bat and pitcher glove after MLB Crypto Baseball.

TL;DR: Why should I play this?

  • No more made up names of players and teams! This is the first crypto game that is an officially licensed product of a real-world intellectual property, so you will be playing and trading real-world players
  • Follow your favorite teams and players in an innovative format where real-life results of MLB fixtures determine rewards
  • You don’t need to be a fan of baseball to understand the game and take part in the action


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