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Was your crypto startup a flop? This game lets you buy out entire crypto companies for a few ETH. Call it consolation.
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What is it?

In ETH.Town players are crypto real estate investors buying shares for crypto companies in a tall, tall tower. You'll have to hire some ERC-721 employees to do work for you. These characters are called heroes – collectibles that play mini games, fight and merge (canoodle) for you. Place bids for floors and make a profit in ETIT (the investor token) when you're outbid or when you manage to buy the floor. Don't worry; if your investment fails, it gets partially refunded. Holding ETIT also let's you profit from all other players' actions in the game. Also; this game is visually not ugly. Hallelujah!

How does it work?

ETH.Town's economy involves ETH, Gems, and investor tokens called ETIT (yes, e-tits). You get ETIT whenever you spend ETH on the game (like when buying floors, for example), or you can buy them on an exchange. ETIT are desirable because holders get a share of the profits generated from other players' activity. Whenever a trade in ETH goes through, the deal-maker gets a big share of the money involved; a second share goes to token investors, and the devs take home a third, smaller part. Yeah, this is not an altruistic game of fraternal love.

Don't worry, ETIT are more than just a pyramid scheme, and you will spend them; use them to buy and merge heroes, and send them on adventures. You can buy new, level 0 heroes on OpenSea every 15 minutes, or scout around until you find one for free. Your heroes go on adventures, play mini games, and fight each other in the Titans Arena, for which they'll receive gems, XP and battle points. You'll want to upgrade and merge heroes until you get a level 15 (or "star") heroes. Heroes have a value in themselves, since they're unique collectibles, but they're also useful in the game because you cannot do any actions without them!

The colorful floors of the Crypto Tower are truly the trademark of ETH.Town. There's personal and crowdsale floors. Every time you buy out a floor or a share in the floor, you get some ETIT, and the previous owners get a profit from the price difference, while still another portion goes to the ETIT pool. For now ETH.Town is a set of small games, but the devs want it to become a big platform where anybody can insert a mini game, and where in-game items will be truly interoperable at last. Blockchain game utopia.

TL;DR: Why should I play this?

  • Invest in pretend crypto companies to get investor tokens (ETIT)
  • These tokens let you profit from every subsequent trade that happens on the game
  • Collect, upgrade and merge (breed) "heroes" – crypto employees without whom you'd get nothing done
  • Enjoy adventures, mini games, investing and collecting. ETH.Town's got it all.
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