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Gods Unchained

The gods are pissed, and they are ready to duke it out and eliminate their opposition. Assemble your strongest deities in combat and build a deck that will crush all opposition!
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What is it?

Heralded as the world’s first blockchain-based eSport, Gods Unchained draws inspiration from popular games of yesteryear such as Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!, as well as modern-day classics such as Hearthstone to bring a strategic TGC experience into the crypto universe.

With already half a million cards in circulation and a worldwide competition scheduled to take place in early 2019, this turn-based multiplayer experience has already made waves even before being officially launched.

How Does It Work?

Avid TCG and CCG enthusiasts will feel right at home with Gods Unchained. Not many details have been released as to the intricacies and features of the game itself, but by the looks of it, it’s a game with sets, rarity tiers, resource management, card abilities and effects, and individual values for both attack and health; the whole shebang.

However, the only way to play Gods Unchained right now is to buy booster packs that contain exclusive pre-release Genesis cards. In the packs that you buy, you get the usual low-tier cards but you also get a chance at copping Legendary and Mythic Titan cards that will make all your crypto buddies go green with envy. One of such Mythic Titan cards, the Greek badass Hyperion, was auctioned and sold to the best bidder for a whopping $60,000, making it the second most expensive card in TCG history. Hyperion himself would be proud.

This one-of-a-kind card, as well as any other, will have a unique history for you to learn. Once you own a card, you will be able to digitally sign it for future owners of the card to see. This is made possible thanks to the player marketplace, the place to go if you want to buy your favorite god, or to sell your prized cards in exchange for that delicious Ethereum. An exciting realm of possibilities is thus opened, wherein you can buy and build your deck around a card that was previously owned by a top player or your favorite twitch streamer!

Don’t be deterred by these prices and think that you cash out big time in order to see your favorite deities exterminate each other. Once the game is officially launched, a free-to-play mode with a standard set of cards common to everybody will be readily unlocked so you can dip your toes in the water before treating yourself to a pack. Or two. Or ten.

Along with the planned yearly world championships and the usual player versus player game mode, a never-before-seen Battle Royale modality for tournaments is also announced as a unique feature of Gods Unchained so you can be the last god standing at some point in the future. Talk about something that you didn’t know you wanted, huh? This game is only in its early card sale phase, but it shows promise and could very well be the next big thing in blockchain gaming.

TL;DR: Why should I play this?

  • Take part in first blockchain-based eSport with a worldwide championship where you can win massive prizes.
  • Be a part of the unique history of your cards! Sign them and potentially share your place in it along famous players and streamers.
  • Stunning visuals with the help of renowned illustrators
  • Exciting game modes that have never been seen before in Trading Card Games have been announced, such as Battle Royale and VR capability
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