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Traverse the galaxy hunting for collectible planets to conquer. Become the Genghis Khan of the blockchain the universe!
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What is it?

0xUniverse is a game of stellar exploration and ruthless conquest. Players are 22nd century space explorers, setting out in private enterprise to colonize the planets of a colorful, blockchain-powered galaxy. Some planets are more valuable to your enterprise than others, but on each you'll steal the local resources, learn craftsmanship from the natives, and build ships strong enough to take you farther in your conquests. It's pocket size, slavery-free colonization. Now if that's not an optimistic utopian future, I don't know what is!

How does it work?

Each planet is an NTF, and they're strewn about a galaxy divided in 1,000 sectors. The planets differ in value based on their rarity (common, rare, epic, or legendary), population, date of discovery, name, owner, and location on the map. Oh, and of course, their looks! Each planet has a beautiful 3D rendered appearance... they look like gargantuan jawbreakers, slowly rotating in the mouth of the universe...

The point of the game is to expand your empire as far and wide as possible, competing all the while with other explorers. For this, you'll need to build a strong fleet. And you'll be able to do this by accumulating resources and knowledge from your conquered planets. So this works in a cycle: the more planets conquered, the more resources and vessel-building knowledge explorers collect. Spacecrafts with stronger engines cover larger areas, and using enhanced radar systems increases their chances of finding rare planets. Launching a spaceship with a weaker build or in an area where many planets have already been conquered will decrease its chances of landing somewhere new – and ships that don't land can be lost forever in the dark icy void (along with your lost ETH investment).

To buy your first planet, top up Metamask and head to the Auction page and buy the one that catches your eye. Then head to My Spaceships. There you’ll see the progress of the accumulation of knowledge, which you'll need to invent new types of spaceships. If you have enough knowledge, you'll be able to Invent a Spaceship (this is a transaction!).

0xUniverse galaxy has a finite number of planets to be discovered, and because each one is a digital collectible, those richer in resources and population are more valuable. The most expensive planet reached $4,000 during their pre-sale! Hurry up and start your strategic fleet building – you might be the one to conquer the final secret of the galaxy!

TL;DR: Why should I play this game?

  • Build a space fleet to explore the galaxy and conquer beautiful planets.
  • Uniqueness. You won't be breeding or battling anything? A breathe of fresh air!
  • Accumulate resources and knowledge from each planet to build better spaceships – build better spaceships to accumulate more planets – repeat, and roll in your ETH once you cash your planets out!
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