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Axie Infinity

Remember Tamagochi? Axie scratches our nostalgia with pets you raise on the blockchain.
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What is it?

Axie Infinity brings us beautifully designed collectible pets that must be cared for from egg to adulthood. Breed them carefully to get the best sets of body parts. Ugh – sounds weird. But in all honesty, if you've been reading about crypto games, you'll already been desensitized to the ambiguous morality of the animal breeding plots. Study up on attack strategy, form teams and go to battle!

How does it work?

GameUnculus knows you're here to learn about games' investment potential, but for Axie we really have to make an aside to praise their artwork. Seriously, the game stands out for its character and platform design alone. Alright, quiet down, other games! You're all pretty.

Axies have more realistic life cycles than other collectibles; they're a bit like Tamagochi. Buy an egg from the market with ETH. With time and care, you'll watch your little pet hatch and progress through larvae, petite and adult stages. Just like having children, except that you can't mentally scar them, and they won't drain your finances. Well... your ETH maybe...

Axies are chimeric fusion of real and mythical creatures, plus some inanimate objects. Six classes have already been discovered: beast, plant, bug, bird, reptile or aquatic. An axie may have body parts from another class, which adds to its base class stats. For example, a beast axie will have a base of 31 hit points and 35 speed points, but if it has aquatic ears that'll add an extra 3 speed points and 1 hit point! In addition, all parts vary between common, rare, ultra rare, and legendary. #Diversity, #bodypositivity.

In the future, Axies will level-up through minigames, quests, contests, and special in-game events. Axies will also level up in their Terrariums: 6x6 customizable homes. You can decorate them as different terrains (grassland, sea shore, highland, arctic) that will power up different classes of Axies.

Battles are the biggest upcoming feature, in which strategy will be key. Not just stats, but the positions you place your axies in for battle, can make all the difference. Axies' body parts can perform specific battle moves. When a part evolves, an Axie will gain a new move. Don't go overboard with the evolutions though, Darwin; higher level parts aren't always more powerful. Like I tell my lovers constantly, this is all about performance rather than size.

TL;DR: Why should I play this?

  • This is a collectibles game with a bit more strategy involved than others.
  • Breed Axies to have the most strategic set of body parts, decorate their terrariums with items that will make them stronger, and calculate their positions for the best battle outcome!
  • Enjoy some of the best artwork in all of blockchain game history.


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